• 2319 N 45th St
    Ste 102
    Seattle, WA 98103
    (In the Wallingford Workspace building)

    By Appointment Only

Adi Chen @ LoF

  • About.


    Spring 2019

    I am currently accepting new clients who are available Tuesdays through Friday afternoons. LGBTQ and POC to the front!


    Adi uses he/him pronouns, he can and will respect yours. He is a fragrance-free person and uses no or low-fragrance and no or low-ammonia products.

    LoF is located in the busy, bustling neighborhood of Wallingford. Adi's studio can be found in the Wallingford Workspace building on the corner of 45th and Sunnyside. Here Adi has his own suite where you can share dynamic one-on-one conversation in a private atmospheric setting.

    Adi has been doing hair professionally since 2001, graduating from a small vocational college in Renton, WA. Shortly thereafter Adi relocated to Seattle where he worked at several independent shops until starting his own business in Summer 2008.

    Adi considers himself to be something between a barber and a stylist, a hair artist if you will, and his workspace and techniques reflect this. He's always been inspired by musicians and artists. Adi loves working with all sorts of people and hearing their stories and life experiences.

  • Theory.

    "I believe true artistry is not a learned skill, but a talent that comes from within you and is executed to perfection through trial and error. Everything we learn as artists comes from experience and the willingness to progress.

    "I offer a full service without all the frills that you may receive in a trendy salon or barber shop. My clientele ranges from all ages, ethnicities, genders, backgrounds, and lifestyles. I thrive on culturally diverse and open-minded, creative people. I am a trans, queer, gender-affirming and competent stylist. If you are in need of a safe, understanding space for any type of transition in your life I'm your person."

  • Scheduling.

    Please call or text and leave a message including your name, phone number, service you're looking for, and some available dates. Adi works independently and needs 24-72 hours to return your message

  • Rates and Services.

    $40 and up

    $80 and up

    ..Facial Waxing/ Threading..
    $15 and up

    $8 and up

    ..Designs/ Etching..
    $15 and up

  • Phone: (425) 681-7931
  • Web: www.razorbits.com